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Lendlease Calendar 2023 Art trail winner*

NundahNow Art Prize 2023 Runner up prize**


I am a visual artist who paints in water colour, acrylic, oil and pen and ink, portraying land and seascapes, portraits and still life.

I paint in an impressionist/realism style but also abstract on occasions. My paintings are about the people and places around me, locally and internationally. I portray how I feel about the environment, and the world generally – positively.

I hope by viewing my work that my audience will gain some insight into my feelings about the world in general….my enthusiasm for life and my works.
Signed originals and Limited Edition prints on fine art papers, cotton or canvas with semi-permanent inks the images will last up to 100 years hung away from bright light


* Winning artwork can be found in the Lendlease Resident Art trail Coffee table book

**The Runner up winning artwork is the feature artwork for this month “The Workshop” 

Painting of the month - Greenland Trilogy

Commissioned artwork

Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 1800mm x 450mm
Price: $10,000 

Available: Sorry Sold

(Prints only, available with the permission of the owner.)

landscape painting

My Influences

My mother was arty & had a good eye & over the years did some barbola work with clay, china painting etc., as did I when I was a school boy. the old masters, Renoir, Rembrandt, Matisse, Goya, Gainsborough, John Constable. More contemporary artists e.g. Andrew Wyeth, NC Wyeth, Carolyn Wyeth, Henriette Wyeth Hurd & James Wyeth. In New Zealand Graham Sydney Manitoto & Dunedin, Tony Lewis, Val Venimore my art tutor at Future Col in Napier. Shona MacFarlane Dunedin Dick Frizzel, the Late Peter Siddell, Auckland, Gaston de Vel, Wellington, David Woodings, Christchurch, E John Robinson, Alan Magee, AH Reed (watercolourist,) all USA, nearly all of those artis I have tutored overthe years have taught me something that I didn’t know or had forgotten.

Visiting famous Art Galleries such as Salvadore Dali’s studio in Spain & his museum there and in Florida, the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay & the Guggenheim, in LA, also some small private galleries in France & USA. The Hiroshima Art Gallery which has traditional Japanese & Chinese Art but also 2 m magnificent galleries housing some of the worlds best paintings by all the old master, the Tokyo Art Gallery and numerous small galleries in Tokyo.